About Us

The idea for Dynamic outdoor was started back in 2012 by outdoor adventure Nut Marcus Kenny. The concept was simple; he wanted to create an environment where competition and curiosity, ambition and generosity come together to inspire growth as a community. The Midland university bouldering series was the first event undertaken and it was a huge success. Universities from all over the Midlands and beyond attended for this unique style of climbing competition.


Slacklining showed great ability to combine these values and in 2014 Dynamic Outdoor was officially formed and began using these core values to inspire people the take to the great outdoors in their pursuit of happiness. When you try slacklining you realize how addictive the feeling of balancing Mind and Body for just a single moment can be.  The power this feeling has to change perceptions and inspire growth is the driving force behind all the team at Dynamic Outdoor.

At dynamic outdoor we know that great service is key and high safety standards are vital so we have developed our Consistently Creative Customer Care Service Points:

Our Service Promise:​


We believe that consistency is the key to great service, and great service builds great relationships, We always aspire to build long-lasting relationships with our client and partners alike.


We know that every event needs something special to bring in the crowds, and that’s what we specialize in; Thinking outside the box to make sure your event is the talk of the town.


We are customer focused and customer lead. As our name suggests we are dynamic and always aim to fulfil your needs. What you want to achieve is our priority from start to finish.


We know that safety in the number one concern for all of our clients. That’s why we have developed our unique style of teaching and we’re very proud to say it hasn’t failed us yet.


Our Mission statement #DontJustThinkDO, is always at the core of our teachings and our work. Its simple; stop just dreaming about the life you want and start living it! 


T: +44 (0) 75 35 000 342​

E: info@dynamicoutdoor.co.uk

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