Frequently asked questions

Find out all the answers here with our FAQ section. Not sure what slacklining is or want to know the differences between Arcobatic and Arcoyoga. Our FAQ is broken down in sections by each activity or service we provide. 

General Questions

How far do you travel?

We are based in north devon but we will travel all over the UK for you event. If you are futher a field we may be able to travel to you or recommend a good activity provider in your country


Who is it suited for?

Our slackline workshops are suitable for Kid aged 3 to 99.

Do you need to be able to slackline to take part?

You dont need to be able to slackline to take part. Our workshops and taster session are designed to incurage kid and adults alike to push there bountries and try new things, with our help youll be slacklining in no time.

Circus Skills

What Circus Skills do you offer?

We offer a wide range of circus skills, we cover the more common things like juggling, hula hoops, Poi, plate spinning and Diablo as well as some more specialest ones like Kendamas, stilts and discs juggling plus many more.



How long are the displays?

That depends on the Display being booked, Normal though they are about 15 to 20 minutes long each. Please contact use via our enquire form to get more information.

Prepping for your event

What ground condition do you need

For all our activities we require a pretty flat area. The area depends on the activities you have booked but gernaly it its about 20m x 10m

Our Mission statement #DontJustThinkDO, is always at the core of our teachings and our work. Its simple; stop just dreaming about the life you want and start living it! 


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